Malindo Air arrivals Kuala Lumpur (KUL) airport

Malindo Air Kuala Lumpur KUL airport arrivals allow to check status of Malindo Air flights arrivals at Kuala Lumpur International Airport the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate, delays and cancelations.

Arrival times are given in local time. Current local time at Kuala Lumpur airport is 11:50 AM 2024-02-28

No. Scheduled Estimate/Actual Origin Status
OD136 05:50 (KHI) Karachi No Recent Info - Call Airline
OD206 06:05 (DEL) Delhi No Recent Info - Call Airline
OD132 06:15 (LHE) Lahore No Recent Info - Call Airline
OD671 06:35 06:24 (KMG) Kunming Landed
OD613 07:15 07:40 (CAN) Guangzhou Landed
OD156 07:20 (PER) Perth No Recent Info - Call Airline
OD9114 09:20 09:08 (CGK) Jakarta Landed
OD2101 11:10 11:08 (PEN) Penangi. Landed
OD802 11:50 (SIN) Singapore In Air
OD704 12:00 (JED) Jeddah No Recent Info - Call Airline
OD1903 12:35 (SBW) Sibu In Air
OD2203 12:50 (LGK) Langkawii. Scheduled
OD821 12:55 (ICN) Seoul In Air
OD1633 13:15 (KCH) Kuching No Takeoff Info - Call Airline
OD804 13:25 (SIN) Singapore Scheduled
OD1003 13:40 (BKI) Kota Kinabalu In Air
OD706 14:10 (JED) Jeddah No Recent Info - Call Airline
OD521 14:20 (DMK) Bangkok Scheduled
OD172 14:45 (DPS) Denpasar Scheduled
OD1901 14:45 (TWU) Tawau Scheduled
OD315 14:50 (CGK) Jakarta Cancelled
OD873 15:20 (NRT) Tokyo No Recent Info - Call Airline
OD357 15:25 (BTH) Batam Scheduled
OD178 15:35 (DPS) Denpasar Scheduled
OD158 15:55 (DPS) Denpasar Scheduled
OD2205 16:20 (LGK) Langkawii. Scheduled
OD503 16:40 (DAD) Da Nang Scheduled
OD541 16:40 (HKT) Phuket Scheduled
OD2406 16:45 (JHB) Johorbahru Scheduled
OD615 16:55 16:14 (HAK) Haikou Scheduled
OD2107 16:55 (PEN) Penangi. Scheduled
OD808 18:05 (SIN) Singapore Scheduled
OD606 19:00 (HKG) Hong Kong Delayed
OD307 19:05 (DPS) Denpasar Scheduled
OD881 19:10 (TPE) Taipei Scheduled
OD323 20:00 (KNO) Deli Serdang Scheduled
OD7211 20:00 (LGK) Langkawii. Scheduled
OD623 20:05 20:31 (DYG) Zhangjiajie Scheduled
OD349 20:15 (CGK) Jakarta Cancelled
OD294 20:30 (MLE) Male Scheduled
OD2103 20:50 (PEN) Penangi. Scheduled
OD574 20:55 (HAN) Ha Noi Scheduled
OD2305 21:05 (KBR) Kotabharu Scheduled
OD1637 21:15 (KCH) Kuching Scheduled
OD523 22:30 (DMK) Bangkok Scheduled
OD806 22:35 (SIN) Singapore Scheduled
OD891 22:45 (KHH) Kaohsiung Scheduled
OD883 23:05 (TPE) Taipei Scheduled
OD1007 23:30 (BKI) Kota Kinabalu Scheduled
OD1907 23:50 (SBW) Sibu Scheduled
OD317 01:50 (CGK) Jakarta Scheduled
OD224 04:45 (TRZ) Tiruchirappalli Scheduled
OD198 05:10 (PER) Perth Scheduled
OD298 05:35 (CMB) Colombo Scheduled
OD9113 05:40 (MAA) Chennai Scheduled