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No. Departure Arrival Live Status
UA200 06:55 18:10 Departed On time
DL2134 06:15 12:05 Arrived On time
DL1075 17:35 19:54 Scheduled Delayed by 2h 33m
AI406 10:40 12:05 Scheduled On time
UA2615 23:09 07:28 Scheduled On time
NH2530 20:20 22:20 Scheduled
6J128 14:45 16:40 Scheduled
BC592 10:10 12:05 Scheduled
6J130 20:20 22:20 Scheduled
NH2526 11:20 13:20 Scheduled
BC598 19:00 20:55 Scheduled
6J126 11:20 13:20 Scheduled
BC590 06:10 08:05 No Recent Info - Call Airline
BC594 11:25 13:25 Scheduled
NH2528 14:45 16:40 Scheduled
BC596 16:20 18:20 Scheduled
NU211 13:00 13:40 Scheduled
TG6335 19:55 20:30 Scheduled
NH5809 19:55 20:30 Scheduled
CI123 20:35 21:10 Scheduled
BR185 19:55 20:30 Scheduled
NH5835 10:15 10:55 Scheduled
JL5133 11:50 12:25 Scheduled
JL5135 20:35 21:10 Scheduled
SQ5813 10:15 10:55 Scheduled
IT231 10:10 10:40 Scheduled
MM923 08:10 08:45 Scheduled
NZ4903 19:55 20:30 Scheduled
MM925 13:15 13:50 Scheduled
TK9453 10:15 10:55 Scheduled
CI121 11:50 12:25 Scheduled
TG6333 10:15 10:55 Scheduled

Flight Status by Airlines

Flight Status by Airports

No. Name IATA Updated

A.B. Won Pat International Airport

GUM Guam Guam 0 minutes

San Diego International Airport

SAN San Diego United States 0 minutes

Raleigh-Durham International Airport

RDU Raleigh United States 0 minutes

Indira Gandhi International Airport

DEL Delhi India 0 minutes

San Francisco International Airport

SFO San Francisco United States 0 minutes

Naha Airport

OKA Okinawa Japan 0 minutes

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

PVG Shanghai China 0 minutes

Daniel K. Inouye International Airport

HNL Honolulu United States 0 minutes

Hamad International Airport

DOH Doha Qatar 0 minutes

Los Angeles International Airport

LAX Los Angeles United States 0 minutes

Frequently asked questions, answered

How can I check flight status?

You can follow the below steps to check your flight status after you make a booking:

  1. Visit flight-status.info select your airlines
  2. With each Airlines you check Flight Status
  3. Enter the flight number or departing and arriving destination.
  4. Enter your date of travel
  5. Get detail information of your flight

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How is a perfect trip look like in opinion of a traveler? -The simple answer is that the trip has to be well-prepared with important things well-arranged: we know where to visit, what to do, what to eat/drink etc. Almost experience travelers cannot deny that the very first step is to have flights with suitable schedule matching with activity plans during the trip. Imagine when you have all activities planned and accommodation booked but the flights leave/arrive too early/too late; you may need to cut off a part of your trip, rush to the airport to catch the flight or waste your precious time without alternatives waiting for the delayed flight. It is so annoyed having no idea if flights are scheduled or changed while the Airline websites do not provide updated time of your flight especially when it comes close to travel date. If you are seeking for the most updated and detailed information of flights Flight-Status.com is one of the wisest choices. 

The website brings you a large view of more than 658 airlines with their schedules of real-time updates. With Flight Status you can easily find and even compare the features of any airline among. The schedules are not only updated for today, tomorrow flights but also yesterday ones (which most of airlines websites cannot help). This is in order to widen the information helping different purposes of customers: plan/ reconfirm trip for near future or review for any further needs of past-date flights.

With gentle and elegant display, our website concentrates to the simple and convenience of viewer/ searcher. There are not so many tabs showing on your screen because we understand it may complicate our search. With Our website surely you will find it really informative and effective when you seek for any related flights’ details. The website brings you comfort click by click: one click – a whole bag of advantages. By just put a city name, an airline name or flight number (either of them) then see that tracking flight status seems never be so easy and exact that way with Flight Status. Otherwise, “airline list for checking flight status” stands right on homepage and is arranged logically. You will only need to click to the airline names to get the result of expected flight status. It takes just a second to get all necessary details: departure & arrival time (local time), cities, airports, terminals, gates, aircraft, number of total seats, duration of the flight, etc. Especially, there will be instructions about compensation policy and any further supports from operation airlines (if any) in case of changes or cancellations. You can also see how often the flight is operated to have back-up options for travel plan. On the other hand, in case of direct assistance need from the Airlines, their direct contacts are provided at our website for your most convenience.

No doubt to say it is definitely worth to have Flight-Status.com as the best friend and the most helpful assistance. Let’s visit and track your flight status on with fully information of your trip!