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WestJet Airlines is a Canadian airline founded in 1996. It began as a low-cost alternative to the country's competing major airlines. WestJet provides scheduled and charter air service to 100+ destinations in Canada, the United States, Europe, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. WestJet is currently the second-largest Canadian air carrier, behind Air Canada, operating an average of 778 flights and carrying over 66,130 guests per day

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WestJet flight status tracker live

No. Departure Arrival Live Status
WS656 09:00 14:55 Scheduled
WS426 07:00 12:50 Delayed
WS6314 10:59 12:49 Scheduled
WS6317 07:48 09:15 Arrived
WS650 07:00 12:55 In Air
WS6864 09:52 11:44 Scheduled
WS6300 09:00 11:07 In Air
WS7255 07:38 09:25 Arrived
WS520 05:00 08:31 Departed
WS6063 10:20 09:20 Arrived
WS324 05:00 09:20 Delayed
WS5324 09:35 13:05 In Air
WS6420 11:05 12:55 Scheduled
WS6318 10:00 11:22 Scheduled
WS6301 09:30 11:23 Delayed
WS6332 19:20 21:10 Scheduled
WS4108 14:30 17:10 Scheduled On time
WS8209 13:34 15:35 Scheduled On time
WS3130 10:15 11:41 Scheduled On time
WS7933 13:00 14:10 Scheduled
WS8011 06:25 07:30 Cancelled
WS344 12:10 13:40 Scheduled On time
WS3103 23:20 00:22 Scheduled On time
WS2521 15:25 18:55 Scheduled On time
WS7913 17:45 20:49 Scheduled On time
WS7436 06:05 09:12 Arrived On time
WS6880 13:29 15:00 Scheduled On time
WS6672 11:20 14:20 Scheduled On time
WS6518 15:15 17:53 Arrived
WS6707 16:55 18:50 Scheduled
WS7399 08:10 09:58 Arrived
WS7172 12:01 13:59 In Air

WestJet Airlines Top 10 Airports

No. Name IATA Updated
1 Calgary International Airport YYC Calgary Canada 1 minute
2 Pearson International Airport YYZ Toronto Canada 6 minutes
3 Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport ATL Atlanta United States 6 minutes
4 Vancouver International Airport YVR Vancouver Canada 18 minutes
5 LaGuardia Airport LGA New York United States 31 minutes
6 Edmonton International Airport YEG Edmonton Canada 12 minutes
7 Los Angeles International Airport LAX Los Angeles United States 4 minutes
8 Minneapolis Airport MSP Minneapolis United States 9 minutes
9 Kelowna International Airport YLW Kelowna Canada 2 minutes
10 Seattle-Tacoma International Airport SEA Seattle United States 1 hour, 5 minutes

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WestJet Airlines

WestJet is a Canadian low-cost airline headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, near Calgary International Airport. It is the second-largest Canadian airline, behind Air Canada, operating an average of 777 flights per week and carrying more than 66,130 passengers per day. In 2018, WestJet carried 25.49 million passengers, making it the ninth-largest airline in North America by passengers carried.

WestJet Airlines is certified as a 3-Star airline for the quality of its airport, onboard product, and staff service. Seats, amenities, food and beverages, IFE, cleanliness, and service rating are all included in the product rating.

After a 16 month hiatus, WestJet is welcoming back onboard service with enhancements to products and services that were modified as a result of the pandemic.

WestJet began operations in 1996 after being founded in 1994. Clive Beddoe and a team of like-minded partners started WestJet with three aircraft, five destinations, and 220 friendly WestJetters. It began as a low-cost alternative to the country's competing major airlines. WestJet is owned by Kestrel Bidco Inc., a subsidiary of Onex Corporation.

Since our first flight in 1996, we've worked to make everyone's lives better by providing safe, friendly, and affordable air travel. Right from the start, we put our guests and our people first, and in doing so, we've become one of Canada's most admired and respected corporate cultures. We’ve also had a lot of fun along the way. Today, flying to more than 100 destinations, we stay true to our principles and continue to strive for the highest standards of service and success.

WestJet Destination

WestJet provides scheduled airline services, travel packages, cargo services, and charter services. We offer scheduled service to more than 100 destinations in North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe and to more than 175 destinations in over 20 countries through our airline partnerships.

Canada’s WestJet, is a carrier that pioneered a number of point-to-point routes in Western Canada, has returned to its roots in a summer expansion meant to kick start a post-pandemic recovery. The airline said Friday it would add 11 routes to western Canadian cities, bypassing its Calgary hub and signaling new optimism that the pandemic may be nearing its end. The Canadian low-cost airline announced earlier this week that 17 of its summer routes will return just in time for the winter travel season of 2022–2022. Eight of the 17 re-launched routes connect Canadian cities to popular (sunny) destinations south of the border, including Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Reward programs

WestJet Rewards provides benefits and travel advantages that keep you in mind. It's simple to join, earn, and redeem points, there's no need to calculate miles, just plan your trip and earn your way to the top tiers to enjoy more benefits. A WestJet Rewards account provides you with the ability to manage your bookings online, subscribe to email communications and more.

The WestJet frequent guest program is designed specifically to reward travelers who fly WestJet for business and/or leisure at least four times per year, or who spend at least $1,500 or more on airfare. WestJet's program is different from traditional frequent flyer programs in that it is based on how much you spend, not miles flown.

Cancelation and Refund Policy

WestJet's cancellation policy, passengers seeking a full refund from the airline must cancel within the first twenty-four (24) hours of the ticket's confirmation. Beyond this stipulated time, the passengers are required to pay the cancellation fee for making the cancellation, regardless of the fare type purchased, the destination of the journey, and the time of cancellation. The refund is only initiated in the bank account of the passenger after the subtraction of the cancellation fee if any.

WestJet's cancellation policy clearly states that passengers who cancel a flight with WestJet) after 24 hours of the purchase of the ticket will have to pay the airline's cancellation fee. The airline allows passengers to cancel their reservations before 72 hours of the flight's departure.