Delta Private Jets Flight Status

Delta Private Jets, Inc. was an airline in the United States. It was founded as Comair Jet Express in 1984. In October 2001, the airline was renamed by the parent company Delta Air Lines.

Delta Private Jets headquarters is located at 82 Comair Boulevard building and its main base was Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport in Boone County, Kentucky. It operated business jet aircraft as a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines. 

Delta Private Jets is a private aviation service focused on private aircraft that the airport does not supply regularly. Other, Delta Private Jets also provides some select services for SkyMiles Elite members.

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Delta Private Jets flight status tracker live

No. Departure Arrival Live Status
DPJ465 14:30 15:28 Arrived Delayed by 1h 5m
DPJ453 10:30 11:14 Scheduled On time
DPJ449 11:15 None Departed On time
DPJ671 17:15 18:43 Diverted to ACY Atlantic City
DPJ831 11:00 11:28 Arrived Delayed by 27m
DPJ450 09:30 10:10 Arrived On time
DPJ498 09:00 09:48 Scheduled On time
DPJ829 11:30 13:09 Scheduled On time
DPJ929 15:30 17:05 Arrived On time
DPJ452 15:00 16:23 Scheduled On time
DPJ460 15:30 17:42 Arrived Delayed by 26m
DPJ676 08:30 11:17 Scheduled On time
DPJ495 10:45 11:09 Scheduled On time
DPJ496 10:00 10:17 Scheduled On time
DPJ418 11:30 12:46 Arrived On time
DPJ491 10:00 12:32 Scheduled On time
DPJ817 08:45 10:07 Scheduled Delayed by 1h
DPJ673 13:45 None Departed On time
DPJ88 17:36 None Departed On time
DPJ445 07:30 08:14 Scheduled
DPJ454 None 22:09 No Recent Info - Call Airline
DPJ43 None 11:27 Landed
DPJ440 10:00 11:44 Landed
DPJ225 14:45 15:08 Arrived On time
DPJ116 16:49 16:49 Arrived On time
DPJ93 None 14:40 Landed
DPJ49 08:30 None Landed
DPJ328 15:00 15:39 Arrived On time
DPJ482 07:30 09:58 Scheduled On time
DPJ675 08:00 08:38 Arrived Delayed by 29m
DPJ489 06:00 07:22 Scheduled On time
DPJ487 17:45 19:24 Arrived Delayed by 49m

Delta Private Jets Top 10 Airports

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