Air India arrivals Bengaluru (BLR) airport

Air India Bengaluru BLR airport arrivals allow to check status of Air India flights arrivals at Kempegowda International Airport the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate, delays and cancelations.

Arrival times are given in local time. Current local time at Bengaluru airport is 01:27 AM 2024-02-29

Flight Scheduled Arrival Origin Status
AI589 14:30 (MAA) Chennai, India Scheduled
AI587 22:20 (HYD) Hyderabad, India Scheduled
AI583 13:05 (MAA) Chennai, India Scheduled
AI9601 15:30 (GOI) Goa, India Scheduled
AI9605 02:00 (GOI) Goa, India No Takeoff Info - Call Airline
AI9603 07:10 (GOI) Goa, India Scheduled
AI393 08:35 (SIN) Singapore, Singapore Scheduled
AI9613 16:00 (HYD) Hyderabad, India Scheduled
AI515 11:15 (HYD) Hyderabad, India Scheduled
AI9785 20:55 (PNQ) Pune, India Scheduled On time
AI6225 02:35 (CMB) Colombo, Sri Lanka Scheduled On time
AI9783 08:30 (PNQ) Pune, India Scheduled On time
AI9563 10:35 (CCU) Kolkata, India Scheduled
AI9561 11:50 (CCU) Kolkata, India Scheduled
AI9755 03:05 (DEL) Delhi, India Scheduled On time
AI506 12:30 (DEL) Delhi, India Scheduled On time
AI9521 11:20 (BBI) Bhubaneswar, India Scheduled
AI621 05:45 (BOM) Mumbai, India Scheduled
AI607 17:50 (BOM) Mumbai, India Scheduled
AI639 11:15 (BOM) Mumbai, India Scheduled
AI603 08:30 (BOM) Mumbai, India Scheduled
AI9776 23:45 (LKO) Lucknow, India Arrived
AI815 18:40 (DEL) Delhi, India Arrived Delayed by 38m
AI803 08:55 (DEL) Delhi, India Arrived On time
AI9577 20:05 (COK) Kochi, India Arrived On time
AI9573 00:15 (COK) Kochi, India Departed On time
AI504 00:05 (DEL) Delhi, India In Air
AI807 20:15 (DEL) Delhi, India Arrived
AI869 21:50 (DEL) Delhi, India Arrived
AI512 21:30 (DEL) Delhi, India Arrived
AI266 17:25 (MLE) Male, Maldives Arrived
AI9633 22:10 (IXR) Ranchi, India Arrived
AI9525 20:45 (BBI) Bhubaneswar, India Arrived
AI9593 00:55 (GAU) Guwahati, India In Air
AI9745 22:20 (BOM) Mumbai, India Landed
AI9671 23:10 (MAA) Chennai, India Landed
AI9567 21:40 (CCU) Kolkata, India Arrived
AI8754 01:55 (FRA) Frankfurt, Germany In Air
AI9764 17:35 (IXB) Bagdogra, India Arrived
AI641 20:30 (BOM) Mumbai, India Arrived
AI9523 20:05 (BBI) Bhubaneswar, India Arrived
AI9673 13:50 (MAA) Chennai, India Arrived On time
AI502 16:25 (DEL) Delhi, India Arrived
AI9631 14:20 (IXR) Ranchi, India Arrived
AI9762 12:05 (IXB) Bagdogra, India Arrived
AI9703 14:10 (VTZ) Vishakhapatnam, India Arrived
AI563 12:15 (MAA) Chennai, India Arrived
AI813 10:50 (DEL) Delhi, India Arrived On time
AI514 06:20 (DEL) Delhi, India Arrived On time
AI9772 11:15 (LKO) Lucknow, India Arrived
AI9751 10:45 (DEL) Delhi, India Arrived
AI176 03:20 (SFO) San Francisco, United States Departed On time
AI9571 07:45 (COK) Kochi, India Arrived
AI9701 16:20 (VTZ) Vishakhapatnam, India Scheduled On time
AI9781 03:15 (PNQ) Pune, India Arrived
AI9681 23:30 (STV) Surat Gujarat, India In Air
AI7966 08:00 (ADD) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Scheduled
AI9774 12:20 (LKO) Lucknow, India Arrived
AI9892 11:35 (JAI) Jaipur, India Arrived
AI6227 20:20 (CMB) Colombo, Sri Lanka Arrived
AI9615 21:25 (HYD) Hyderabad, India Arrived
AI9753 10:45 (DEL) Delhi, India Arrived On time
AI9637 11:30 (IXR) Ranchi, India Arrived
AI9741 02:30 (BOM) Mumbai, India Arrived