Aeroflot arrivals Sochi AER airport

Aeroflot Sochi AER airport arrivals allow to check status of Aeroflot flights arrivals at Sochi International Airport the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate, delays and cancelations.

Arrival times are given in local time. Current local time at Sochi airport is 02:40 AM 2024-07-13

No. Scheduled Estimate/Actual Origin Status
SU1118 21:10 20:29 (SVO) Moscow Landed on 2024-07-12
SU6742 22:00 (EVN) Yerevan No Recent Info - Call Airline on 2024-07-12
SU1048 22:45 22:21 (SVO) Moscow Landed on 2024-07-12
SU1140 23:25 (SVO) Moscow No Recent Info - Call Airline on 2024-07-12
SU6567 23:35 (LED) St Petersburg No Recent Info - Call Airline on 2024-07-12
SU6977 00:15 23:52 (KJA) Krasnoyarsk Landed on 2024-07-12
SU6732 00:50 (IST) Istanbul No Recent Info - Call Airline on 2024-07-12
SU6565 01:25 (LED) St Petersburg Departed on 2024-07-12
SU1074 02:55 (SVO) Moscow In Air on 2024-07-12
SU2953 04:20 (CEK) Chelyabinsk No Recent Info - Call Airline
SU6734 04:30 (IST) Istanbul Delayed
SU2939 05:25 (UFA) Ufa In Air
SU1110 05:30 (SVO) Moscow In Air
SU2965 06:25 (KUF) Samara Scheduled
SU1152 07:45 (SVO) Moscow Scheduled
SU2975 07:45 (OVB) Novosibirsk In Air
SU2977 08:25 (TJM) Tyumen Scheduled
SU1592 08:45 (SVO) Moscow Scheduled
SU2929 08:50 (OMS) Omsk Scheduled
SU2915 09:10 (PEE) Perm Scheduled
SU1668 09:20 (SVO) Moscow Scheduled
SU6682 09:40 (DWC) Dubai Scheduled
SU1044 09:55 (SVO) Moscow Scheduled
SU2961 10:00 (SVX) Yekaterinburg Scheduled
SU1138 10:15 (SVO) Moscow Scheduled
SU1134 11:10 (SVO) Moscow Scheduled
SU6720 11:30 (EVN) Yerevan Scheduled
SU6563 12:20 (LED) St Petersburg Scheduled
SU1116 12:50 (SVO) Moscow Scheduled
SU1528 13:05 (SVO) Moscow Scheduled
SU2905 13:20 (KZN) Kazan Scheduled
SU1610 13:35 (SVO) Moscow Scheduled
SU6752 13:40 (AYT) Antalya Scheduled
SU1136 14:05 (SVO) Moscow Scheduled
SU1122 14:40 (SVO) Moscow Scheduled
SU6569 15:10 (LED) St Petersburg Scheduled
SU1040 15:15 (SVO) Moscow Scheduled
SU6559 15:25 (LED) St Petersburg Scheduled
SU1124 16:30 (SVO) Moscow Scheduled
SU1070 16:50 (SVO) Moscow Scheduled
SU6738 17:00 (DLM) Dalaman Scheduled
SU1176 17:15 (SVO) Moscow Scheduled
SU2907 17:25 (PEE) Perm Scheduled
SU6561 17:40 (LED) St Petersburg Scheduled
SU2919 18:05 (SVX) Yekaterinburg Scheduled
SU1132 18:10 (SVO) Moscow Scheduled
SU6730 18:15 (IST) Istanbul Scheduled
SU1128 18:20 (SVO) Moscow Scheduled
SU2973 18:35 (GOJ) Nizhniy Novgorod Scheduled
SU6875 18:55 (KJA) Krasnoyarsk Scheduled
SU2957 19:00 (KUF) Samara Scheduled
SU2933 19:25 (UFA) Ufa Scheduled
SU2831 19:45 (LED) St Petersburg Scheduled
SU2935 19:50 (KZN) Kazan Scheduled
SU1130 20:05 (SVO) Moscow Scheduled