Vietnam Airlines arrivals Paris CDG airport

Vietnam Airlines Paris CDG airport arrivals allow to check status of Vietnam Airlines flights arrivals at Charles de Gaulle Airport the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate, delays and cancelations.

Arrival times are given in local time. Current local time at Paris airport is 20:01 PM 2024-06-20

Flight Scheduled Arrival Origin Status
VN3183 07:55 (LYS) Lyon, France Arrived On time
VN11 06:45 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam No Takeoff Info - Call Airline
VN19 07:00 (HAN) Hanoi, Viet Nam Scheduled
VN3671 11:45 (GVA) Geneva, Switzerland Arrived
VN3265 11:40 (RNS) Rennes, France Arrived
VN3207 11:30 (MRS) Marseille, France Arrived
VN3131 08:40 (FRA) Frankfurt, Germany Arrived On time
VN3683 11:45 (BCN) Barcelona, Spain Arrived
VN3243 11:30 (NTE) Nantes, France Cancelled
VN3199 11:30 (LYS) Lyon, France Arrived
VN3219 11:10 (TLS) Toulouse, France Arrived
VN3239 10:30 (BOD) Bordeaux, France Arrived
VN3133 11:10 (FRA) Frankfurt, Germany Arrived On time
VN3663 08:40 (VIE) Vienna, Austria Arrived On time
VN3209 07:30 (MRS) Marseille, France Arrived
VN3203 11:35 (MPL) Montpellier, France Arrived
VN3141 08:40 (GVA) Geneva, Switzerland Arrived
VN3143 10:25 (GVA) Geneva, Switzerland Arrived
VN3639 11:45 (CPH) Copenhagen, Denmark Arrived
VN3189 11:35 (NCE) Nice, France Arrived
VN3109 09:10 (ZRH) Zurich, Switzerland Arrived
VN3263 08:25 (CFE) Clermont-Ferrand, France Arrived
VN3275 08:45 (BIQ) Biarritz, France Arrived
VN3149 09:05 (OSL) Oslo, Norway Arrived
VN3156 10:45 (FCO) Rome, Italy Arrived
VN3105 11:20 (LHR) London, United Kingdom In Air
VN3169 08:25 (CPH) Copenhagen, Denmark Arrived
VN3237 07:55 (TLS) Toulouse, France Arrived
VN3679 08:05 (BCN) Barcelona, Spain Arrived
VN3107 07:55 (AMS) Amsterdam, Netherlands Arrived
VN3153 09:25 (AMS) Amsterdam, Netherlands In Air
VN3261 08:20 (BES) Brest, France Arrived
VN3137 08:15 (MAD) Madrid, Spain Cancelled
VN3249 08:00 (PUF) Pau, France Arrived
VN3241 07:25 (BOD) Bordeaux, France In Air
VN3211 07:35 (NCE) Nice, France In Air
VN2107 17:55 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam In Air
VN3653 08:35 (LHR) London, United Kingdom Arrived