Turkish Airlines arrivals Istanbul (SAW) airport

Turkish Airlines Istanbul SAW airport arrivals allow to check status of Turkish Airlines flights arrivals at Sabiha Gokcen International Airport the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate, delays and cancelations.

Arrival times are given in local time. Current local time at Istanbul airport is 05:10 AM 2024-02-21

No. Scheduled Estimate/Actual Origin Status
TK7821 23:15 (STN) London No Recent Info - Call Airline
TK7519 23:20 (AYT) Antalya No Recent Info - Call Airline
TK7233 23:45 (SZF) Samsun No Recent Info - Call Airline
TK7427 23:55 00:32 (TZX) Trabzon Landed
TK7885 00:30 (ECN) Nicosia No Recent Info - Call Airline
TK7257 00:55 (ESB) Ankara No Recent Info - Call Airline
TK7689 06:00 (IKA) Tehran No Recent Info - Call Airline
TK7297 07:00 (ASR) Kayseri Scheduled
TK911 07:10 (JED) Jeddah No Recent Info - Call Airline
TK7863 07:10 (OMH) Urmia No Takeoff Info - Call Airline
TK7793 07:20 (ECN) Nicosia Scheduled
TK7679 07:30 (KWI) Kuwait Departed
TK7697 07:40 (EBL) Erbil Scheduled
TK7873 07:50 (CGN) Cologne/Bonn No Takeoff Info - Call Airline
TK7675 08:05 (BAH) Bahrain In Air
TK7693 08:10 (BGW) Baghdad Scheduled
TK7335 08:30 (OGU) Gulyali Scheduled
TK7219 08:40 (EZS) Elazig Scheduled
TK7703 08:45 (GYD) Baku Scheduled
TK7723 08:50 (TBS) Tbilisi Scheduled
TK7415 09:00 (TZX) Trabzon Scheduled
TK7535 09:00 (AYT) Antalya Scheduled
TK7275 09:10 (GZT) Gaziantep Scheduled
TK7241 09:20 (ESB) Ankara Scheduled
TK8445 09:35 (GYD) Baku Scheduled
TK7239 09:40 (SZF) Samsun Scheduled
TK7283 09:40 (KYA) Konya Scheduled
TK7687 09:40 (DXB) Dubai No Takeoff Info - Call Airline
TK7319 10:00 (MLX) Malatya Scheduled
TK7341 10:00 (BJV) Bodrum Scheduled
TK7503 10:10 (ADB) Izmir Scheduled
TK7293 10:35 (ASR) Kayseri Scheduled
TK7271 10:55 (GZT) Gaziantep Scheduled
TK7521 11:00 (AYT) Antalya Scheduled
TK7745 11:15 (ECN) Nicosia Scheduled
TK7203 11:55 (VAN) Van Scheduled
TK7261 12:00 (ADA) Adana Scheduled
TK7237 12:25 (SZF) Samsun Scheduled
TK7211 12:35 (DIY) Diyarbakir Scheduled
TK7331 13:05 (OGU) Gulyali Scheduled
TK7373 13:10 (RZV) Rize Scheduled
TK7509 13:25 (ADB) Izmir Scheduled
TK7301 13:30 (KSY) Kars Scheduled
TK7423 13:40 (TZX) Trabzon Scheduled
TK7243 14:00 (ESB) Ankara Scheduled
TK8587 14:10 (KWI) Kuwait Scheduled
TK7209 14:30 (MQM) Mardin Scheduled
TK7401 14:40 (ERZ) Erzurum Scheduled
TK7517 15:20 (AYT) Antalya Scheduled
TK7225 15:30 (ERC) Erzincan Scheduled
TK4337 16:30 (BEG) Belgrade Scheduled
TK7877 17:00 (PRN) Pristina Scheduled
TK7253 17:15 (ESB) Ankara Scheduled
TK7425 17:15 (TZX) Trabzon Scheduled
TK7971 17:25 (ECN) Nicosia Scheduled
TK7305 17:40 (VAS) Sivas Scheduled
TK7205 17:55 (VAN) Van Scheduled
TK7751 17:55 (STR) Stuttgart Scheduled
TK7759 18:05 (VIE) Vienna Scheduled
TK7661 18:10 (FCO) Rome Scheduled
TK7741 18:15 (DUS) Dusseldorf Scheduled
TK7371 18:20 (BAL) Batman Scheduled
TK7739 18:25 (MUC) Munich Scheduled
TK7729 18:35 (BER) Berlin Scheduled
TK7721 18:55 (BRU) Brussels Scheduled
TK7735 18:55 (FRA) Frankfurt Scheduled
TK7769 19:00 (AMS) Amsterdam Scheduled
TK7879 19:05 (ZRH) Zurich Scheduled
TK7795 19:10 (BGY) Bergamo Scheduled
TK7875 19:15 (CPH) Copenhagen Scheduled
TK7265 19:20 (ADA) Adana Scheduled
TK7799 19:35 (STN) London Scheduled
TK7765 19:45 (CDG) Paris Scheduled
TK7617 19:50 (AJI) Agri Scheduled
TK7313 20:00 (HTY) Hatay Scheduled
TK7749 20:10 (ECN) Nicosia Scheduled
TK7817 20:10 (HAJ) Hannover Scheduled
TK7321 20:45 (DNZ) Denizli Scheduled
TK7375 20:50 (RZV) Rize Scheduled
TK7515 20:50 (AYT) Antalya Scheduled
TK955 21:05 (JED) Jeddah Scheduled
TK7259 21:10 (ESB) Ankara Scheduled
TK7495 21:25 (ADB) Izmir Scheduled
TK7731 21:50 (DUS) Dusseldorf Scheduled
TK7589 22:00 (NAV) Nevsehir Scheduled
TK7215 22:10 (DIY) Diyarbakir Scheduled
TK7317 22:10 (GNY) Golgen Scheduled
TK7367 22:25 (RZV) Rize Scheduled
TK7409 22:35 (ERZ) Erzurum Scheduled
TK7821 22:45 (STN) London Scheduled
TK7823 22:50 (AMS) Amsterdam Scheduled
TK7447 23:00 (DLM) Dalaman Scheduled