Japan Airlines arrivals Honolulu HNL airport

Japan Airlines Honolulu HNL airport arrivals allow to check status of Japan Airlines flights arrivals at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate, delays and cancelations.

Arrival times are given in local time. Current local time at Honolulu airport is 06:32 AM 2024-06-14

No. Scheduled Estimate/Actual Origin Status
JL6603 06:39 06:20 (LIH) Lihue, HI Landed
JL6650 06:47 06:37 (KOA) Kailua/Kona, HI In Air
JL6550 06:56 06:42 (ITO) Hilo, HI In Air
JL6453 07:05 06:57 (OGG) Kahului, HI Departed
JL6604 07:24 07:08 (LIH) Lihue, HI Scheduled
JL6452 07:45 07:51 (OGG) Kahului, HI Scheduled
JL6651 07:47 07:44 (KOA) Kailua/Kona, HI Scheduled
JL6451 08:10 (OGG) Kahului, HI Scheduled
JL6601 08:17 (LIH) Lihue, HI Scheduled
JL6552 08:24 08:21 (ITO) Hilo, HI Scheduled
JL6406 08:25 08:15 (NRT) Tokyo In Air
JL6654 08:48 (KOA) Kailua/Kona, HI Scheduled
JL6450 08:50 (OGG) Kahului, HI Scheduled
JL6605 09:07 (LIH) Lihue, HI Scheduled
JL6551 09:19 (ITO) Hilo, HI Scheduled
JL784 09:25 08:55 (NRT) Tokyo In Air
JL6455 09:30 (OGG) Kahului, HI Scheduled
JL6408 09:45 09:27 (KIX) Osaka In Air
JL74 09:50 09:48 (HND) Tokyo In Air
JL6659 09:51 (KOA) Kailua/Kona, HI Scheduled
JL6456 09:54 (OGG) Kahului, HI Scheduled
JL6402 09:55 09:40 (HND) Tokyo In Air
JL6602 10:09 10:14 (LIH) Lihue, HI Scheduled
JL6457 10:14 (OGG) Kahului, HI Scheduled
JL794 10:15 09:55 (NGO) Nagoya In Air
JL6553 10:36 (ITO) Hilo, HI Scheduled
JL6460 10:38 (OGG) Kahului, HI Scheduled
JL72 10:40 10:13 (HND) Tokyo In Air
JL6459 10:57 (OGG) Kahului, HI Scheduled
JL792 11:05 09:57 (KIX) Osaka In Air
JL6606 11:20 (LIH) Lihue, HI Scheduled
JL6554 11:22 (ITO) Hilo, HI Scheduled