Saint Pierre Airport (FSP) Flight Arrivals

Saint Pierre FSP airport arrivals allow to check status of flight arrivals at Saint Pierre Airport the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. Current time at Saint Pierre airport is 18:16 PM 2024-05-19

No. Schedule Arrivals Origin Status
PJ1127 18:15 (YYT) St. John's, Canada Scheduled
PJ1124 19:45 (YUL) Montreal, Canada Scheduled
PJ2127 01:44 (YYT) St. John's, Canada Scheduled
PJ1122 14:45 (YHZ) Halifax, Canada Scheduled
PJ1822 12:45 (YHZ) Halifax, Canada Unknown
PJ1222 12:30 (YHZ) Halifax, Canada In Air
PJ7247 15:20 (YYT) St. John's, Canada Delayed
PJ1322 20:00 (YHZ) Halifax, Canada Delayed
PJ7244 None (YUL) Montreal, Canada Scheduled