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Delta Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world, and they operate thousands of flights every day, connecting passengers to various destinations around the world. Delta flight directly serves over 250 destinations in 30 countries across six continents. This includes over 100 destinations in the United States and Canada, and over 50 destinations in Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Delta also has many flights to Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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Delta flight status tracker live

No. Departure Arrival Live Status
DL1219 14:41 17:22 Arrived Delayed by 2h 8m
DL8653 16:05 08:00 Departed On time
DL1114 16:30 19:05 Arrived On time
DL6262 21:00 22:45 Departed On time
DL2808 21:59 23:11 Scheduled On time
DL224 20:20 09:30 Scheduled
DL2540 15:22 18:39 Arrived Delayed by 1h 33m
DL8716 21:15 06:45 Scheduled On time
DL5038 10:15 12:04 Arrived On time
DL1892 14:20 21:31 Arrived Delayed by 1h 1m
DL2010 17:54 20:15 Arrived On time
DL2701 19:25 19:56 Scheduled Delayed by 1h 5m
DL458 17:35 18:01 Scheduled Delayed by 1h 14m
DL2031 09:00 10:38 Arrived On time
DL517 16:38 19:50 Departed On time
DL2586 15:00 18:44 Arrived Delayed by 34m
DL849 08:22 10:54 Arrived On time
DL5498 15:15 16:50 Arrived Delayed by 48m
DL2864 18:59 19:57 In Air
DL3625 19:45 21:36 In Air
DL4168 21:25 21:43 Scheduled
DL2970 21:05 22:02 Scheduled
DL4023 20:10 21:40 Scheduled
DL1744 17:10 21:13 In Air
DL360 15:59 20:17 Departed On time
DL4006 13:55 17:24 In Air
DL1066 15:15 16:10 Delayed
DL653 17:05 19:25 In Air
DL1007 17:00 19:52 In Air
DL3895 15:55 18:55 Landed
DL2244 18:00 19:57 In Air
DL1838 17:08 19:45 In Air

Delta Airlines Top 10 Airports

No. Name IATA Updated
1 Indianapolis International Airport IND Indianapolis United States 4 minutes
2 John Glenn Columbus International Airport CMH Columbus United States 6 minutes
3 Miami International Airport MIA Miami United States 8 minutes
4 Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport DFW Dallas United States 2 minutes
5 Denver International Airport DEN Denver United States 0 minutes
6 Cancun International Airport CUN Cancun Mexico 10 minutes
7 Charlotte Douglas International Airport CLT Charlotte United States 0 minutes
8 Daniel K. Inouye International Airport HNL Honolulu United States 24 minutes
9 Cleveland Hopkins International Airport CLE Cleveland United States 0 minutes
10 Pittsburgh International Airport PIT Pittsburgh United States 15 minutes

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