Vancouver Harbour Sea Plane Base (CXH) Flight Arrivals

Vancouver CXH airport arrivals allow to check status of flight arrivals at Vancouver Harbour Sea Plane Base the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. Current time at Vancouver airport is 04:46 AM 2024-06-14

Bora Jet arrivals at Vancouver Harbour Sea Plane Base
No. Scheduled Estimate/Actual Origin Status
YB2014 08:05 (YWH) Victoria Scheduled
YB904 08:20 (YHS) Sechelt Scheduled
YB1106 08:20 (ZNA) Nanaimo Scheduled
YB2020 08:20 (YWH) Victoria Scheduled
YB410 08:35 (YGG) Ganges Scheduled
YB430 08:35 (YAQ) Maple Bay Scheduled
YB2036 09:00 (YWH) Victoria Scheduled
YB2038 09:05 (YWH) Victoria Scheduled
YB412 09:20 (YGG) Ganges Scheduled
YB1110 09:20 (ZNA) Nanaimo Scheduled
YB2044 09:20 (YWH) Victoria Scheduled
YB1502 09:35 (WPL) Powell Lake Scheduled
YB142 09:45 (YQQ) Comox Scheduled
YB916 09:50 (YHS) Sechelt Scheduled
YB2056 09:50 (YWH) Victoria Scheduled
YB2058 09:55 (YWH) Victoria Scheduled
YB1120 10:20 (ZNA) Nanaimo Scheduled
YB2068 10:20 (YWH) Victoria Scheduled
YB2074 10:35 (YWH) Victoria Scheduled
YB922 10:40 (YHS) Sechelt Scheduled
YB1126 11:05 (ZNA) Nanaimo Scheduled
YB2086 11:05 (YWH) Victoria Scheduled
YB2098 11:35 (YWH) Victoria Scheduled
YB1702 13:10 (YTP) Scheduled
YB1506 13:15 (WPL) Powell Lake Scheduled
YB416 13:20 (YGG) Ganges Scheduled
YB434 13:20 (YAQ) Maple Bay Scheduled
YB1616 13:30 (LKE) Seattle, WA Scheduled
YB1146 13:35 (ZNA) Nanaimo Scheduled
YB2146 13:35 (YWH) Victoria Scheduled
YB4160 15:05 (YGG) Ganges Scheduled
YB1706 15:20 (YTP) Scheduled
YB2218 16:35 (YWH) Victoria Scheduled
YB2224 16:50 (YWH) Victoria Scheduled
YB1206 17:15 (YWS) Whistler Scheduled
YB2236 17:20 (YWH) Victoria Scheduled
YB1178 17:35 (ZNA) Nanaimo Scheduled
YB2242 17:35 (YWH) Victoria Scheduled
YB2246 17:45 (YWH) Victoria Scheduled
YB980 17:50 (YHS) Sechelt Scheduled
YB1508 17:55 (WPL) Powell Lake Scheduled
YB1182 18:05 (ZNA) Nanaimo Scheduled
YB984 18:20 (YHS) Sechelt Scheduled
YB1712 18:20 (YTP) Scheduled on 2024-06-15
YB148 18:30 (YQQ) Comox Scheduled
YB2264 18:30 (YWH) Victoria Scheduled
YB418 18:35 (YGG) Ganges Scheduled
YB1190 19:05 (ZNA) Nanaimo Scheduled
YB2278 19:05 (YWH) Victoria Scheduled
YB2290 19:35 (YWH) Victoria Scheduled
YB1212 19:45 (YWS) Whistler Scheduled