Air New Zealand arrivals Palmerston North PMR airport

Air New Zealand Palmerston North PMR airport arrivals allow to check status of Air New Zealand flights arrivals at Palmerston North Airport the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate, delays and cancelations.

Arrival times are given in local time. Current local time at Palmerston North airport is 12:41 PM 2024-05-26

No. Scheduled Estimate/Actual Origin Status
NZ5579 09:30 09:24 (AKL) Auckland Arrived
NZ5178 09:35 09:15 (CHC) Christchurch Arrived
NZ5180 11:30 11:25 (CHC) Christchurch Arrived
NZ5115 12:15 12:22 (AKL) Auckland Landed
NZ5176 14:15 14:15 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ5113 14:30 14:30 (AKL) Auckland Scheduled
NZ5109 15:40 15:40 (AKL) Auckland Scheduled
NZ5117 16:40 16:40 (AKL) Auckland Scheduled
NZ5125 18:20 18:20 (AKL) Auckland Scheduled
NZ5182 18:35 18:35 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ5105 19:10 19:10 (AKL) Auckland Scheduled
NZ5186 19:20 19:20 (CHC) Christchurch Scheduled
NZ5101 21:35 21:35 (AKL) Auckland Scheduled