Air India arrivals Mumbai (BOM) airport

Air India Mumbai BOM airport arrivals allow to check status of Air India flights arrivals at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate, delays and cancelations.

Arrival times are given in local time. Current local time at Mumbai airport is 09:36 AM 2024-02-28

No. Scheduled Estimate/Actual Origin Status
AI8756 01:00 01:59 (FRA) Frankfurt Arrived
AI7690 01:45 01:38 (CAI) Cairo Arrived
AI6221 02:10 (CMB) Colombo No Recent Info - Call Airline
AI9791 02:20 (JAI) Jaipur No Recent Info - Call Airline
AI7565 02:35 02:15 (ADD) Addis Ababa Landed
AI128 03:05 (LHR) London No Recent Info - Call Airline
AI990 03:05 02:29 (KWI) Kuwait Landed
AI984 04:10 (DXB) Dubai No Recent Info - Call Airline
AI986 04:15 04:30 (MCT) Muscat Landed
AI982 04:20 (DOH) Doha No Recent Info - Call Airline
AI860 04:25 04:15 (DEL) Delhi Landed
AI9742 04:45 04:40 (BLR) Bangalore Landed
AI946 05:45 (AUH) Abu Dhabi No Recent Info - Call Airline
AI932 05:55 (JED) Jeddah No Recent Info - Call Airline
AI7550 07:15 (ADD) Addis Ababa No Recent Info - Call Airline
AI670 08:10 (BDQ) Vadodada In Air
AI640 08:35 (BLR) Bangalore In Air
AI684 08:45 (GOI) Goa No Takeoff Info - Call Airline
AI589 08:50 (BLR) Bangalore No Takeoff Info - Call Airline
AI887 09:15 (DEL) Delhi In Air
AI614 09:20 (AMD) Ahmedabad Scheduled
AI680 09:40 (IXE) Mangalore Scheduled
AI682 09:50 (COK) Kochi Scheduled
AI571 09:55 (MAA) Chennai Scheduled
AI688 09:55 (HSR) Hirasar Scheduled
AI616 10:10 (HYD) Hyderabad Scheduled
AI665 10:15 (DEL) Delhi Scheduled
AI608 10:55 (CJB) Coimbatore Scheduled
AI678 10:55 (DEL) Delhi Scheduled
AI604 11:10 (BLR) Bangalore Scheduled
AI658 11:10 (TRV) Thiruvananthapur Scheduled
AI130 11:30 (LHR) London In Air
AI9793 11:30 (JAI) Jaipur Scheduled
AI116 11:35 (JFK) New York, NY In Air
AI9641 11:35 (IXR) Ranchi Scheduled
AI1650 11:40 (ATQ) Amritsar Scheduled
AI331 12:10 (BKK) Bangkok Scheduled
AI865 12:25 (DEL) Delhi Scheduled
AI676 12:35 (CCU) Kolkata Scheduled
AI646 13:30 (JDH) Jodhpur Scheduled
AI922 13:30 (RUH) Riyadh Scheduled
AI842 13:35 (PNQ) Pune Scheduled
AI622 14:05 (BLR) Bangalore Scheduled
AI634 14:10 (BHO) Bhopal Scheduled
AI648 14:35 (JGA) Jamnagar Scheduled
AI692 14:40 (COK) Kochi Scheduled
AI618 15:10 (HYD) Hyderabad Scheduled
AI9531 15:15 (GOI) Goa Scheduled
AI612 15:25 (JAI) Jaipur Scheduled
AI696 15:50 (VNS) Varanasi Scheduled
AI863 16:20 (DEL) Delhi Scheduled
AI910 16:20 (DXB) Dubai Scheduled
AI1680 16:25 (IXE) Mangalore Scheduled
AI626 16:35 (LKO) Lucknow Scheduled
AI664 16:40 (GOI) Goa Scheduled
AI732 16:40 (PAT) Patna Scheduled
AI856 16:50 (DEL) Delhi Scheduled
AI9543 17:20 (BBI) Bhubaneswar Scheduled
AI672 17:30 (MAA) Chennai Scheduled
AI636 18:05 (IDR) Indore Scheduled
AI644 18:05 (UDR) Udaipur Scheduled
AI654 18:15 (VTZ) Vishakhapatnam Scheduled
AI652 18:30 (HYD) Hyderabad Scheduled
AI1662 18:45 (GOX) Goa Scheduled
AI632 18:55 (AMD) Ahmedabad Scheduled
AI775 19:15 (CCU) Kolkata Scheduled
AI656 19:25 (HSR) Hirasar Scheduled
AI441 19:35 (DEL) Delhi Scheduled
AI6223 19:45 (CMB) Colombo Scheduled
AI610 20:25 (BLR) Bangalore Scheduled
AI268 20:30 (MLE) Male Scheduled
AI582 20:40 (CCJ) Karipur Scheduled
AI773 21:00 (CCU) Kolkata Scheduled
AI624 21:25 (DEL) Delhi Scheduled
AI638 22:05 (AMD) Ahmedabad Scheduled
AI699 22:25 (COK) Kochi Scheduled
AI805 22:25 (DEL) Delhi Scheduled
AI7712 22:25 22:25 (ZRH) Zurich Scheduled
AI575 22:30 (MAA) Chennai Scheduled
AI343 22:50 (SIN) Singapore Scheduled
AI668 23:05 (TRV) Thiruvananthapur Scheduled
AI630 23:10 (NAG) Nagpur Scheduled
AI574 23:20 (MAA) Chennai Scheduled
AI642 23:20 (BLR) Bangalore Scheduled
AI662 23:20 (CJB) Coimbatore Scheduled
AI517 23:25 (COK) Kochi Scheduled
AI605 23:30 (DEL) Delhi Scheduled
AI920 23:30 (DXB) Dubai Scheduled
AI8764 23:55 23:55 (MUC) Munich Scheduled
AI698 00:10 (HYD) Hyderabad Scheduled
AI697 00:15 (GOI) Goa Scheduled
AI814 00:50 (DEL) Delhi Scheduled
AI6748 01:00 01:00 (MRU) Mauritius Scheduled
AI8756 01:00 01:00 (FRA) Frankfurt Scheduled